The FBI believes in the sharing economy – even if you don’t!

They’ve just shared a file containing the names of 680,000 people suspected to be supporting terrorism, with 22 countries – Australia, being one of them – City of Mosul – not so sure!

Included in this master list of of names will undoubtedly be big ones, of course, like Mike Carlton, Russell Brandt and Annie Lennox:).

What is concerning about this list is the way it has been created – silently, secretly, covertly.

When anything is done secretly, it’s usually with founded reason. That reason, most often is the violation of a right that is civil, social or constitutional.

The list provides more questions than answers. What is defined as support, for example for terrorism – a tweet or post? Seems like it, if Arjun Sethi is to be believed.

Given we live in the age of cultural disdain (we foist democracy on countries perfectly happy with monarchies), the basis on which the file was created, and in fact will be maintained moving forward, should be revealed to the public.

This is because of the inanities of the past – where families have been targeted because of what they looked up and purchased on the web – chick pea cookers- for example!

Yes these ubiquitous things that take the pressure of time and that all Indian and Pakistani households use (given lentils will take 6 hours to cook without them!) are what created a raid as embarrassing as this latest ‘name and shame’ list the US Government has put together.

What ISIS is doing is terror (fying). But what our Governments are, is too!


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