Why is Warren Buffet financing BK (Burger King)?

At over 80, one can’t help wondering why Warren Buffet has financed Burger King. Yes, it’s a debt not equity deal but there’d have to be an equity swap clause in the contract. Is the purpose of the deal to make more money? Maybe…but at his age how much more does he need..really?

Here’s what I think – he’s bought BK and will in time do something philanthropic with it. No he won’t shut it down (it was mean of me to even suggest that!) What he might do however is raise wages of the QSR industry forcing others to follow suit – leaving a legacy as large as Ford in the process.

Alternatively he could be planning to create a stock participation scheme that gives workers the rights they’ve craved and indeed have deserved for decades. Lets see where this goes. It could be anywhere.


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