What’s terror-fying about America


A few hours ago, the Washington Times reported (with some annoyance), that President Obama doesn’t have a plan to tackle ISIS.

Is this a problem’ I thought to myself.  ‘Not really’ said that still small voice in me.  ‘At least he’s honest about the fact that he doesn’t have a plan  – it’s more than his predecessors were!’

What’s ‘terror-fying’ about America is the way it thinks. Even in the face of dismal results, and data that suggests that what military action results in is little more than  unmitigated failure, it is still the only strategic option being considered.

Left-fieldism, blue sky thinking, they are out of the window – without even having been tried. This will likely end in tears, and yet another failed attempt to restore peace.

While the US Government has, is a lot of nukes. What it doesn’t seem to have within its arsenal is that all-important element of ‘awareness’ – awareness of what military action has led to over the years – a hardening of stance in the Islamic world. 

This is not a positive outcome, though its a predictable one. Given the bias, war, as a strategic response, seem to enjoy on our hearts.

This President is still the best the US has seen in a long time however. What Republicans cite as ‘indecisiveness‘ may actually be ‘thoughtfulness,’ even ‘protectiveness‘ overdemocracy, diligence in strategy  and most importantly – lives – be they American or other.


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