Should we ‘like’ Moslems agains ISIL

Earlier today, saw a post on Facebook with a picture of ‘Moslems against ISIL.’ Wasn’t sure whether to like it or not. Liking it seemed a predictable response, not a questioning one. That could, I felt, stop us from asking the really important strategic questions like ‘what created ISIL – in the first place?’.

I don’t believe it was ideology I believe it was US foreign policy. Medieval, and manipulative it has not progressed sentiment, it has leveraged it – in a way that cannot be ignored or excused any more.

At the heart of the multiple wars we’ve seen since Bush sr’s invasion of Iraq seem fundamentally greed, hate, intolerance, right wing conservatism and concern for makes America really tick.


Americas arms and ammunition industry is the second highest foreign exchange income earner after entertainment. Someone has to keep the industry alive. The worlds Moslems may have been chosen for the job.

America has to change or it will lose more than just investable capital through ongoing tax inversion (Burger King/Canada). It will lose credibility and influence – and in a social world, what can be more powerful than that?


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