Only a Dick would set up an anti-Obama organisation

Republicans are hard work. Dick Cheney is evidence of that. Looks like his daughter Liza is no exception. The two have set up the anti Obama organisation. Their gripe (near unbelievable given Cheney’s involvement in the war against Iraq which has failed thus far to uncover any weapons of mass destruction!) is that Obama misled the nation! Weakened it too.

Now America’s enemies no longer fear it (this is a problem… fear young Cheney …did you not know that it leads to the dark side?).

What’s astonishing is not just the rodeo approach of the Cheney’s to the somewhat explosive global situation we’re in at the moment (and yes my reference was to ISIS!). It’s also their ignorance and blindness to the olive branch being offered for the first time in years by Iran who Cheney still brands an enemy of the state. Unbelievable.

Cheney’s views are as dangerous as the arrogance with which he holds them. America is no longer a world force he claims. Why indeed, should it be is the question, given the levels political rhetoric has sunk to.


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