Was steve jobs right in castigating marketing and branding?

Steve Jobs recently made these comments on branding and marketing.

Was he justified in doing so?

I think so.

And nowhere, do I feel his comments weigh more than in the telecommunications industry.

Really, the people who operate this industry must believe the consumer is a moron – rather than their wife.

Singtel, started 2014 in Singapore with the laudable, yet somewhat unachievable, goal of being “the most loved brand in the country.”

Their campaign didn’t get off to a very promising start as their customers howled in protest at their CEO’s suggestion that they should be charged for Whatsapp!

Still, Singtel isn’t all that bad as a company – at least not in Australia where it’s known as Singtel Optus. The company’s product offering here is a lot better, and fairer, compared to arch rival Telstra.

When it comes to data dongles, as one example, for instance,Telstra gives you 3 GB for $99 – prepaid. If you sign up to a 2 year plan (why is everyone into bondage these days?) they’ll increase your monthly allowance to 8 GB

In contrast, Optus will give you 5 GB for 69, prepaid, that’s 2GB extra for a whole $30 less!

What makes Telstra feel compelled to charge more and deliver less?

Whether it’s the company’s marketing, or brand, they are the reasons why Steve Jobs hates both – as no doubt – consumers do, too!


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