Creativity, the province of all. Even a small wine shop in Mumbai, India


Things that get talked about, aren’t always from big companies, with big budgets. On my last day in Mumbai, I went to a small little wine shop called Parry’s, and asked if they could deliver a dozen KIngfishers (a popular Indian beer) to my home since I thought I might call a few friends over.

They could, and gave me their card, asking me to call whenever I needed beer or alcoholic beverage delivered home.

I don’t usually keep cards like these in my wallet – but this one I did. Parry’s was clever enough to list, on the card’s reverse, all the state’s dry days – when the sale or serve of alcohol is prohibited.

It got a lot of likes on Facebook and prompted several shares and comments. ¨Now we know when – not to visit Mumbai:) quipped a friend of mine – who is a big fan of the city’s curries.

Ideas that get talked about are the province of anyone today. And that’s what makes the age in which we live so special.


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