The next time your child asks for your mobile phone to play games, tell them to ‘go fly a kite!’

My friend Ramanuj Shastry, recently started Indian ad agency, Infectious. What they did for client Camlin (India’s Carandache) was pretty special I thought.

To bring in the Indian harvest festival of ¨Makar Sankranti¨, celebrated with kites being flown on rooftops and terraces across the country, the agency didn’t do an ad. They hired a professional kite maker instead, to run a workshop that showed children how to make a kite – after which they flew them, of course!

In an age where digital is ruling our lives, and starting to rule our childrens’ too, I thought Infectious and Camlin did a great job showing children what social truly is.

Not staring at your computer experiencing life vicariously, but going out and grabbing it with both hands – the way you do a kite!


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