If you look carefully at your tweets, you’ll find a hidden message in them


Recently, I came across a tweet by a well respected Indian banking and investment company called Kotak Mahindra. Kotak’s tweet –¨check out what our juniors have to say about money – watch and be amazed.¨

Since Kotak is known for its investments, I thought the link would take me to a place where I could get an insight from its graduate freshers. This is valuable, since they see the world, and investment opportunity, the way an older person may not, necessarily.

I was hoping for new perspectives on what to do with my money, or what little I had, anyway.

Kotak disappointed, taking me to a page where all I got was a ¨fun¨ video of kids talking about  money – that trivialised it to me.

Kotak’s message to me – ¨we wanna play in social media, but we don’t quite know how to yet¨

Tweets reveal more about you, or your company’s personality, than you might think they do. When Justine Sacco tweeted “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”, she revealed a side to her personality that was immature and silly. However the world saw it as threatening, intended and serious.

The result was #justinesaccohaslanded – a mob response by the Twitterati, who bayed for her blood, and ultimately got it – along with her resignation.

What Kotak Mahindra and Justine Sacco prove.  Tweets deliver messages – including several hidden ones that you need to be aware off.


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