It’s not ‘content’ we need to be worried about, it’s credibility

Read this somewhat unbelievable piece by Deb Shinder in TechCrunch the other day. Apparently, Deb, ‘can’t wait’ to get her hands on the new Microsoft Surface tablet and has ‘ten reasons’ why.

If the ten reasons had depth, maybe we’d believe that Deb wanted a Surface more than anything else on the planet – including an iPad Air. However when the ten reasons are so shallow, and include everything from ‘freedom of choice’ to ‘it’s just my type’ – one finds it hard to take Deb seriously – or the product she so valiantly endorses – the Surface!

Microsoft isn’t the only company that has made a mistake with credibility when it comes to content. Eric Schmidt was off-centre too when he claimed that Android phones were more secure than iPhones and that people (including his friends) were switching to them.

The claim was not supportable. Consumer Research Intelligence Partners released research that showed while 81% of iPhone owners went on to buy another Apple device, only 68% of Android users did the same.

On security, Eric was dead before he hit the water – and Apple’s fingerprinting technology put that matter to rest firmly to rest in September earlier this year.

In the marketing and advertising industry, content has taken over our lives when credibility really should be.


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