What Malcolm Gladwell Teaches About David, Goliath and Vision – Or The Absence Of It.

Just started reading Malcolm Gladwell’s new book, David and Goliath.

What struck me, within only a few pages of reading, were Gladwell’s amazing powers of observation.

He was able to deduce astounding facts merely from the way the ‘giant’ was described and the scripts he used.

The giant was ‘six cubits and a span, with a spear shaft like a weaver’s rod, its iron point weighing six hundred shekels’.

What the giant’s physiology told Gladwell was that he actually suffered from acromegaly, a disease, a growth hormone excess, that causes near never ending growth of the body.

The world’s tallest man, Robert Wadlow, had it.

Gladwell then brilliantly analyses the giants scripts. ¨Come here¨ he says. ¨Am I a dog that you approach me with sticks?¨

Both these statements are dead giveaways. The giant says ¨come here¨ because his vision is weak. He wants to play on his turf, not David’s.

David himself is carrying only a staff, yet the giant says ¨sticks¨, The giant suffers from double vision – another known effect of acromegaly!

How many corporations are like Goliath. Corporations that owe their size to a diseased event of nature – lack of competition brought about by Government controls (energy, telecommunications, banking!) – rather then an internally held competency or strength?

Equally, how many companies suffer from Goliath’s second issue – vision – or the absence of it?

The truth is, vision is not easy to develop, for anyone, man or corporation.

For seventeen years, I had no idea what my own vision was. So I floundered. Moved casually from one high paying job to another.Achieving a lot, yet so little at the same time.

Then, one day, I had an experience that I would describe as transformational. An experience which helped me understand my inner beliefs, and in the process, the higher purpose I believe I was born for. Which was to write. For the benefit of self – and others!

From the time I discovered that, I gained a new confidence, and indeed, outlook on life. Ever since, I have never looked back. Nobody (individual or entity),  who has a clear vision for their existence, something which can only come from discovering  their purpose in it, should ever have to – look back, that is!


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