Getting into the moment, the place we may not have been to, for a while

One of the things that social has impinged upon, in addition to privacy, is time.
Increasingly, what I’ve noticed is that there are fewer and fewer units of these available to me- as Im sure is the case with many business professionals today,
A few days ago I tried to understand where my time was being spent and with what impact.
Reviewing my activities, I found I was devoting the largest percentage of this valuable commodity, not to Facebook as I had initially thought, but to email.
Yes, email was the quiet culprit on which I was spending 30 to 40% of my waking hours.
Hardly surprising when you consider, how in my zeal for professional excellence, I was signed up to several platforms, all of whom were taking libertine advantage of my time assailing me with updates,  favs and other such messages of suspect value at moments of their choice – not mine,
I had also fallen victim, to what I now recognise to be social’s other trap – the need to respond. I was responding, commenting, sharing, linking, to everybody’s benefit – but my own. This was seriously eating into that all important time we need to reflect, genuflect, ponder and process what we have learnt if we are to put it to meaningful use to either our lives or somebody else’s.
So how have I used the last few days? To ruthlessly cut down on the need to be notified. My Google Plus notifications are off, and so are my Scoopits. I’ve reduced my LinkedIn updates to once a week and may even take them out altogether since I visit the platform on a near daily basis. I have a soft spot for Twitter, but even they had to go, or at least their notifications!
I try and manage my responses now. Try and understand what I’m trying to achieve with them. Anything that is superficial goes. As does anything that is trivial, casual, self serving or indulgent.
How do I feel days into my experiment?
More relaxed. More calm. More in control. More into the moment – the place, so many of us. haven’t been to, for a while.

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