An ‘Oxytocinic’ Impact: Coke’s New Argentinian ad

Kids love Coke and dads know that more than moms do! My 3 year old is all stillness and meditation when she sips that straw. Her mother doesn’t give in as easily to the pull the brand exerts but this ad will hopefully change all that!

Coke makes a big statement on Life and itself with this beautiful commercial from Santo Argentina. Based on the seventies Bee Gees hit ‘To love somebody’, there’s layered meaning in everything – even the song. It was a hit from the Bee Gee’s first album titled Bee Gee’s 1st!

Throws all that rubbish about the need to be rational, and visible in the sense one needs to make in a commercial – out the window!

Most people I know like the commercial not because it’s strategically right, or has the august objective of putting Coke back on the shopping list of new mums. No, they simply like it (love it actually) because of the feelings it evokes, the ‘oxytocinic’ impact it triggers – the way a child does.

To steal a theme from the planning almanac of one of the world’s major agencies, ‘the world would be be a better place if we did more great work – without feeling the need to rationalise it every step of the way.’


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