Linkedin Scares Me

I’ve been visiting the site very often (almost daily) since resigning from my previous job as MD of Ogilvy One Malaysia.

I’ve been visiting the site for only reason- its content. It’s great. And probably the only place where you can listen to and engage with the world’s true influencers – Branson, Weiner, Goleman, Gates – and others.

The list of influencers is so exhaustive, I would go to the extent of saying that the only ones I think who aren’t on it are my mum and dad!

I thought Linkedin would be pleased about my daily visits . After all they do demonstrate that a core and fundamental part of their strategy “to get people to visit more often , when they are looking for insights and inspiration – not just a new job” – is working!

But if they are pleased, and they do think that their strategy is having the desired effect, they didn’t tell that to the guy who writes the business rules for their e-mail marketing and engagement programme.

No, he thinks I keep coming back because I’m out of a job – and I probably need one – fairly desperately too – though I won’t say it coz that’s kind off uncool and  reduces leverage.

So, he sends me a doleful email, not once, not twice but three times.

With the headline ‘Patrick, are you exploring new career opportunities’ followed by ‘job tips’, a listing of ten jobs that I might be interested in and a reiteration of the fact that job search on LinkedIn is completely ‘confidential (unless you blog of course).

Why doesn’t he just come out with it, hit me over the head with a hammer and self righteously say (like only an elder sister can!) ‘Patrick, we know exactly why you re here – for a job – and you don’t fool us for a minute! Now check this list of ten options that are right for you – and do it now!

You know, the trouble with Linkedin’s strategy? It’s working, and bloody well. The only problem is, the guy writing their e-mails doesn’t know it!


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