My 16 year old nephew knows more about what’s wrong with the Surface than Microsoft does


You’ve got to give it to kids today. They know a lot more than we do do.

Discussing the Surface which I bought and promptly returned to Harvey Norman the next day in Sydney, my nephew told me that he and his friends thought Microsoft was insane.

Why, I asked.

Well, he replied, they have a pretty good mobile phone operating system. It’s fast, it’s responsive and even pips Android in many ways (for example it’s the only system with a browser that allows you to share content to multiple sites in one go).

Yet, he said, they’ve chosen to use their desktop OS (Metro) on their surface tablets. Metro is a dog, it integrates with no-one, not even Microsoft’s own mobile OS! A point to which I fully empathise.

What Microsoft needs to do is forget about Metro. And instead of trying to integrate from desktop to mobile, do the reverse instead.

Good advice that as as user of both Microsoft’s phone and tablet, I couldn’t agree with more!


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