I’m loving Google All Access. Not sure Apple is.

A few weeks ago Google launched ‘All Access’,  its new streaming music service here in Australia.

They had a free 30 day trial – which I took them up on.

I was not disappointed. Signing  up was a breeze and the selection of albums and artists enormous. There was not a song I wanted to listen to that I couldn’t find.

All Access can only mean one thing for Apple: trouble

Google knows it, Apple secretly does to. Music was Google’s last remaining obstacle to total mobile dominance. And it looks it’s now about to overcome it.

Apple has protected its franchise, and lack of innovation in many ways because of its vice like grip on two key properties – ease of music purchase and difficulty of file redistribution post purchase on its system (to successfully migrate music from an Apple device to an Android-based one you’d previously have had to be a genius or a teen:).

With Google ‘All Access,’ everything has changed

Access to music is as easy as it is on iTunes.  Worse (for Apple) Google hasn’t chosen to follow the ‘purchase’ but the ‘streaming’ music model that Spotify and Pandora made popular.

This model has proven momentum with Spotify having signed up over 4 million users in Europe alone in the last 12 months.

With Samsung successfully over throwing Apple in the hardware arena, and Google having ensured it has three back up battalions by way of Motorola , Samsung and HTC – the music war is one that unless Apple throws a surprise later this month, Google seems destined to win.

But what about Spotify?

It is a serious competitor to Google. Not because it has deep pockets (it doesn’t just yet) but because it has something a lot more powerful. The passion of its founder Daniel Ek.

Daniel didn’t get into the music and the technology business to get rich. He did it because it allowed him to play with two key passions – music and technology. A powerful combination – if ever there was one.

Google may have even Spotify covered

Where Google knows it can’t win, it acquires – and it does that well. It doesn’t destroy the ideas of other entrepreneurs but enriches and takes them even further leveraging the huge technological ecosphere it has at its disposal.

All said and done, Google All Access could be music to everyone’s ears. Except Apple’s.


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