That while Engadget and CNET gave the new Galaxy Note 3 unprecedented coverage, neither of their pages were properly optimised for it or its bigger brother the Tab 3 on which I read their articles.

The page (for both sites) failed in two key areas. Comfortable  font size (tablet) and the ability to pinch and zoom the article (tablet and mobile).

The effect on comfortable reading was bad enough to lead me to keep scrolling for articles until I found a couple that were mobile optimised. And I found them in the most unlikely of places – Time magazine – hardly a brand you ‘d expect to have understood the mobile revolution. yet they have seemed to.

Brands, even media ones are getting the mobile space horribly wrong. They don’t understand that the mobile experience is a different one. And that if font sizes are not artificially increased and that if other features like comprehensive share and pinch and zoom are not provided, the consumer will simply source their  content from elsewhere.

The way I did.


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