What’s wrong with Nokia?


Not a lot I’d say except for the fact that they never took it upon themselves to launch an Android based handset.

Nokia handsets are terrific. They always have been. And as the owner of their 920 model I can safely say that its build quality is far superior to Samsung or HTC and it even seems a lot more solid and sturdy in most situations than even an iphone.

So what went wrong for Nokia?

I don’t think it was the smart phone revolution. Or super design by either Samsung or HTC. It was their decision (whether premeditated and in collusion with Microsoft or not) to back one horse rather than the three that were in the stable at the time.

It was a mistake Samsung and HTC had the foresight not to make. They didn’t choose the winner, they let consumers do that for them.

In a process and time frame that ultimately sapped the financial and social will of Nokia to define their future. Something, Microsoft will now do it for them.


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