Country Road needs to understand something

I’m a man, not a woman. 

And so I find it extremely distressing every time they send me an email highlighting their female range of clothing  to me; something that’s been happening far too regularly for the past 12 months.

Country Road is one of my favourite brands

An Australian icon, I shop there a lot. Which is why I am disappointed when the brand treats me like a woman. Only the fetish club I belong to is allowed to do that.

(I was just kidding – can a man not have some fun with his post once in a while?!)

To create a relationship, a brand must expend effort

It must take the time to get the basics – like gender in this case – right. It must go through one’s transactions and also understand contextual factors – like whether or not one is buying for oneself or for someone else.

It’s a simple issue but it can change the tenor of communication.

Say a brand really wanted to hit the ball out of the park?

There’s a lot more it could do.Like keep your size on file for example – allowing you to update it whenever you wished (especially after Christmas!).

Or being observant enough to notice that there were patterns not just on your shirt but also in the way you went about making your purchases.

A brand could work itself into your social profile (if you allowed it to) and make dress suggestions based on occasion – an anniversary, birthday, national day – and more.

It all takes effort

But if you spend several thousand dollars with a retailer every year, you know what? (and it’s the retailer I’m talking to here)? It could well be worth it.



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