Sometimes what drives success is not a plan, but the absence of one

Think about what plans do. They make us think, be aware of all the risks, the uncertainties and dangers that jumping in would expose us to.

In other words, what plans and planning can do is kill initiative, spontaneity, risk taking and with it the ability to achieve more than what sanity and conventionality suggests is possible.

But what if we didn’t plan too hard and went after our goals anyway, would we be better off achieving them? Two men seem to think so. And quite frankly, seem to have proven it already.

Richard Branson is one of them. In a recent blog post, he confessed that when he started Virgin he didn’t have any big plan or strategy, just an intent and desire to succeed. Looks like that’s all he needed.

More recently, today actually, Jeff Bezos admitted he doesn’t know what he wants to do with the Washington Post – apart from experiment with it.(

What these legendary business men have realized is that when you don’t have the answers, you should never  pretend you do. Particularly to yourself.

Sometimes answers are revealed only in the journey not before it. And to get to those answers you have to jump into the water – not matter what lies beneath the surface of it.



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